Faber’s Cyclery Center

… will be a bicycle cultural center enriched with art and history.

Our Mission is to give the city’s community, developers and investors a reason to invest themselves into saving a stagnant building that has imbedded itself into our memories, hearts and daily lives.

We are restoring the historic Faber’s building and land to preserve our history as well as redevelop the area into a useful center that caters to the needs of today’s community. Though new to many of you, this has been an ongoing project even before the heart-breaking fire. The idea came as we were cleaning up Faber’s to host the city meeting for the State of Bicycle Planning in the Southbay. The vision that this could be a place for people to gather and talk bicycles came to a reality that day!!! (Please see article about the meeting here: http://bit.ly/14Vesi8
Here are the basic points of our goals:

– An Official Bay Area Bicycle Museum
– A “Bicycle Kitchen” Like that of SF (DIY bicycle shop and learning center)

– A Bicycle Oasis (a refreshment stop in a sense) Coffee, Beer, Juice
– An artistic extension to the art district of SOFA
Please explore the website and find out more detailed information about what are goals are and how you can get involved. We need your help and donations
Thank you!



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